Brooke Berman  

Polly Freed

Brooklyn bar owner Polly goes to Libertyville, Illinois, to attend the funeral of one of her mother’s ex-husbands. There, she reunites with her married ex-step-brother, Graham, a conservative family man, and after an awkward/hot one-night stand, he follows her to New York insisting that it’s love.


Nancy Final.jpg

Nancy Bannon


In working class Ohio, a newly sober ex-con is trying to get his life on track when his drug-dealing big brother shows up wanting to avenge the abuse they suffered as kids.  Will he surrender to his own craving for retribution or, for the sake of his young son, find a way to heal and recover?


Beth Ann Dailey

See Jane Rock

See Jane Rock is a dramatic comedy about a talented twenty-something singer-songwriter with debilitating stage fright who reluctantly joins a support group to overcome her fear. 


Clarissa De Los Reyes

Johnny Loves Delores

When the 2008 recession takes a turn for the worse, a lonely clerk marries for money for the sake of an undocumented immigrant he secretly loves.



Jodi Gibson

In Bardo

An intrepid geneticist determined to cure her twin’s neurodegenerative disease, recklessly crosses ethical lines in an all-out campaign to save her sister’s life.


Nina Gielen

Magic Window

In this true-crime drama, when a 12-year-old boy from a troubled home falls in love with his father’s friend, an adult man, he will do whatever it takes for the two of them to be together—setting him on the path to tragedy.



Erin Greenwell

Flight Deck

In Buffalo, NY during the 1950s, the only thing more dangerous than being a communist was being queer. In the underground working class butch/femme lesbian bar scene, a stone butch, kiki lesbian and femme woman navigate the rough waters, dodging the cops and finding love.



Suzanne Guacci

T-11 Incomplete

A visiting home health aide and recovering alcoholic strives to repair her broken life, only to have it fall apart once again, when she falls in love with her paraplegic patient then betrays her to save her dying cat. 


Debra Kirschner


A retired music teacher – who is a recent widow and lifelong “goody-goody” – is coaxed by her daughter to take daily walks in the local mall, where she connects with a wild posse of seniors, gets sucked into a mystery and tries her hand at sleuthing.


Zohar Lavi-Hasson photo.jpg

Zohar Lavi-Hasson

The Professor’s Wife

In this psychological drama set in Princeton, NJ, a housewife's life takes an unexpected turn when she thinks she sees a child being abused by his father and becomes obsessed with saving him.



Hannah Leshaw

Amara 15

A 15-year-old Bronx teenager fights to free herself from her father’s sexual abuse and save her two little sisters.



Gabriella Moses


A young, outcast, albino Dominican American girl believes she can perform miracles after resurrecting an albino deer and discovering that what sets her apart may be more of a blessing than a curse.



Elizabeth Page


A thriller/drama set in Manhattan and Brooklyn about a grieving widower in his forties who gets a chance to redeem himself when he rescues a young woman and her child from abuse.  Mysterious, suspenseful and romantic, it looks at what it takes to get over loss,  forgive and move on.



Nikki Taylor Roberts

Taking the Plunge

Set in Baltimore, Taking the Plunge is a romantic comedy about a boy, Jerry, an obsessive compulsive germaphobe, who will do anything to be near the girl next-door, even clean her toilets. Literally!



Jamie Ruddy


In a prosperous suburb in 1986, New Jersey, an 11-year-old girl discovers her father is a child molester and has been using her as bait. Will she protect him or tell the truth in this heartbreaking true story?


SDC10821.jpeg jamie pic.jpeg

Krista Whetstone

Sinta of Sunrise Village

A dark comedy about an immigrant nanny who becomes a modern-day slave in suburbia. 




S. Casper Wong

OO 1

What would you do if you were to run into a younger version of yourself?  Would you recognize you?  OO 1 is a sci-fi love story set in the post-earthquake Doctors Without Borders Camp in China, a dying heart surgeon discovers her old lover might have cloned her.