When I approached Terry Lawler in 2014 and proposed a lab to help women filmmakers create all the elements they needed to get their films from the “script” stage and into “preproduction,” I never envisioned the vibrant community that would form around this idea and all the brilliant, brand new films that would come out of it.  Every year we present our projects to the industry and they consistently tell us the scripts are amazing, that they’re not only different from one another but from what’s out there, and that they want to see all of them.  We want that, too.  So I’m inviting all of you to step up and support us.  If you are eager to see films from the “other” point of view, ie. from the 51% of us who are so rarely represented on screens in ways we support or even recognize, please donate and help this program grow.  All donations are tax deductible.

Here is just a sample of the wonderful feedback we’ve had from our filmmakers and supporters:

“What you’re doing? Works.”

Celine Rattray

“I have to say that having the (almost) year of working on T-11 Incomplete with you and our group allowed me to really examine the material.  To really "know" the thing I had written on a level that I don't think I would have done if I just wrote it and shot it.  The time we took from week to week, the examination, the listening to the group’s ideas and suggestions, yours of course was really priceless...Does that make sense?  So I wanted to thank you for the gift of really putting a microscope up to my work because ultimately the film will be better, performances will be better and I will be a better, more confident director because of it.  So thank you.” 

Suzanne Guacci

Update: Suzanne’s film is wrapped!


“My look book is partially what made that presentation so good. It’s also partly why it’s a finalist for [FILMGRANT] because they don’t read the screenplays to get you to the final round. AND I brought up my three budgets in the question and answer period of the pitch fest. Your lab and all the time I spent killing myself over making each of those parts strong has really paid off. I just want you to know I’m thankful. All of that hard work was needed for the steps I’m taking now :) “

Jamie Ruddy

Update: Jamie’s projection was accepted for the NYU Production Lab!


“I’m shooting a new short I wrote next week and was a bit panicked about being short some crew on the directing side and you know steps up in a massive way? Suzanne Guacci. She’s basically UPMing and so much more. With zero hesitation she said, “ I’ll help you. I’m coming. What do you need?” My heart exploded.  She’s incredible and I want to thank you for creating this supportive network of outstanding women artists.” 

Nancy Bannon

Update: Nancy’s short is in post!

As of Friday, [she] and her business partner have come onto my film as Executive Producers!!!!!!  Thanks again for believing in me and my film. FS2P has definitely been a game changer! 

Jaclyn Gramigna

Update: We introduced Jaclyn’s project to her new Executive Producers.


Thank you for putting in a good word for us! We are all set to impress and make this! Saw [her] on the list and am excited to touch base!  Thank you again for the support!

Gabriella Moses

Update: We introduced Gabby’s film to a member of the panel who loved it.  She received two grants!


“Your filmmakers are wonderful.”

Jennifer Fox